How Much Do You Know About Rice Preservation?

- Jan 10, 2019-

1. Why should rice be kept fresh?

A: In addition to ensuring fresh taste, fresh-keeping can also break through time and geographical restrictions. Bangkok, Thailand can eat rice from Jilin Wanchang.

2. How to keep rice fresh?

A: Preservatives/food additives, cold storage, vacuum packaging, and air-filled packaging.

3. What are the characteristics of each?

A: Preservative food additive: effective, easy to cause secondary pollution of food.

Cold storage refrigeration: long shelf life, cold storage investment, can not be popular.

Vacuum packaging: fixed shape, shelf life of less than 12 months. The equipment is expensive, it is easy to break the bag, and the supermarket has a high price.

Inflatable and fresh: the equipment is simple and the packaging is beautiful. The investment is small, the concept of preservation is good, and the environment is green and pollution-free. Preservation for 18 months.

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4. What is the gas? Why is the inflation fresh?

Answer: Inert gas (gas stable), generally nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2) is best. CO2 gas acts with rice to form a protective layer. CO2 gas can inhibit the respiration of rice microorganisms and has a bactericidal effect under high concentration of CO2. Rice absorbs CO2 and is in a hibernation state, thus extending the shelf life.

5. What are the requirements for charging gas concentration?

A: The thicker the better, the food grade 99.9% concentration.

6. What packaging bags are used for quinoa packing machine?


A: Rice packaging should choose a composite material with good barrier properties. Prevent the CO2 from spreading out in the package, and the outside O2 diffuses inward, thus reducing the CO2 concentration in the package. There are many types of existing composite materials, such as PET/PE PET/CPP KOP/PE PP/PVDC/EVA PE/PVA/PE (short for producing plastic film packaging material).

7. Summary:

(1) The use of inflatable packaging, rice preservation period is significantly extended. Up to 18 months, adding value added.

(2) The PE/PA/PE film bag is filled with 100% CO2, which has the best preservation effect.

(3) The vacuum method is simple and the cost is low, but the shape of the bag is dry, which is not as good as the inflatable package.