How Many Types Of Automatic Tea Packaging Machines Are There?

- Aug 27, 2020-

Preservation of tea has been a problem since the introduction of tea. At first, it was packaged in airtight bags. Later, some teas represented by Tieguanyin were vacuum-packed, which increased the preservation time of tea. The packaging material is permeable, so it is more troublesome to choose the packaging material, and the packaging cost is relatively high.

For green tea, if vacuum packaging is used, it will destroy the "shape" of the four elements "color", "fragrance", "taste" and "shape" of tea. Although the color and fragrance are temporarily available, the shape of the most important green tea will suffer. Therefore, green tea packaging generally does not use vacuum packaging.

Classification of tea automatic packaging machines

1. Classified according to the packaging form of the inner bag

(1) Single capsule type tea automatic packaging machine

The tea bag uses a heat-sealing filter paper. The equipment uses the heating method to seal the inner bag filter paper sprayed with glue into the main inner bag and seal it with the label cotton thread.

(2) Double capsule type tea automatic packaging machine

Most tea bags use cold-sealed filter paper. The equipment folds the bottom of the filter paper into a w shape and seals the inner bag filter paper with the label cotton thread with metal nails.

2. Classified by main technical indicators

(1) High-speed machine

Productivity is 20o~2000 bags/min. Due to the high production efficiency and work stability, reliability, and automation of such machines, product quality, and technical levels are relatively high. But the structure is complicated and the price is expensive.

(2) Medium speed machine

The productivity is 10o~18o bags/min. This type of machine has a compact structure, moderate production efficiency, high stability, high reliability, convenient maintenance, and reasonable price. Product quality and technical level are lower than high-speed machines but higher than low-speed machines.

(3) Low-speed machine

Productivity is generally 30-60 bags/min. This type of machine has a simple structure and convenient maintenance. It is a model derived from a general vertical bag forming-filling-and-sealing machine. The inner and outer bags are superimposed and heat-sealed, and the label and cotton thread is exposed on the outside, so they do not meet the increasingly stringent hygiene requirements. Even if there is a cartoning mechanism, its productivity is low and the degree of automation is not high.

In summary, the automatic tea packaging machine that does not touch with human hands and the packaging unit that can automatically fill nitrogen will surely replace manual weighing and old-fashioned packaging equipment! The new concept of tea preservation packaging has arrived, and the new form of tea preservation packaging The revolution" is about to begin!