Grain Market Supply For The Chinese New Year

- Feb 10, 2018-

Reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Grain organize various types of food activities, and strengthen the scheduling of grain sources, the city reserves a small package of finished products more than 3,000 tons of grain and oil, of which: small package finished rice 2300 tons, 190 tons of small package edible oil. At the same time, more than 3,500 tons of cereals, grain products and oil products were put on the market with marketable names such as excellent, special, and new ones to meet the consumer demand for green and high quality cereals and oil products.

City Bureau of Grain staff told reporters that they first strengthen the market monitoring and insurance emergency. Various localities have strengthened the monitoring and early warning analysis on the supply and price of grain and oil in their respective jurisdictions. The city has established a number of monitoring points for grain and oil prices, monitored the changes in the prices of grain and oil markets in a timely manner, and took timely measures to find trends and signs of problems. At the same time, the establishment of a number of grain and oil emergency supply outlets to ensure that when needed, rapid response and strong protection.

Second, strengthen the quality supervision and security. The grain administrative departments of cities and counties pay great attention to the issue of food quality and safety. On the eve of the holiday, they thoroughly investigate the hidden dangers of quality and safety of grain and oil and the weak links in their supervision. They strictly control the quality of grain and oil and prevent grain and oil that do not meet the national food safety standards from entering the market. In the city established a hundred "assured grain and oil" model stores and distribution stores, combined with the festival consumer market characteristics, give full play to lead the demonstration. At the same time, increase inspection efforts. Price and grain administrative law enforcement departments should strengthen inspections of large-scale grain enterprises, large-scale grain and oil wholesale markets, supermarkets and farmer's markets, keep an eye on supply quality and supply prices, and ensure a steady and orderly supply of grain and oil in the holiday market.