Good Packing Improves The Value Of Rice

- Jun 20, 2020-

The development of rice sales packaging from large packaging to small packaging is due to the need to improve people's living standards.

Fresh-keeping technology for small rice packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging includes vacuum packaging, N2 filled packaging, CO2 filled packaging, and oxygen-preserving preservatives. At present, more research is done on vacuum packaging, N2 filling and CO2 packaging. Among them, CO2 packaging is better than vacuum packaging and N2 filling packaging, because after vacuuming in the high barrier film, CO2 is filled and sealed tightly, CO2 can effectively inhibit breathing and prevent fat decomposition and oxidation. Studies have shown that the use of high-barrier plastic packaging materials filled with 100% CO2 gas, stored at room temperature, rice preservation effect is very good.

Introduction of Rice Small Packaging X6 Production Line Manufactured by Zhangzhou Jialong Electronics Co., Ltd., it is a combination of equipment that can produce vacuum small packaging, inflatable small packaging, and ordinary small packaging. Can produce small rice packages of 1 to 5 kg

No matter how small the rice factory is, it needs a Jialong rice packing machine A3

  With Jialong A3, life goes well

The smallest rice mill is the kind of rice mill. After the rice is milled, it is weighed with a common scale and weighed at 10 kg and 25 kg. Then it is poured into a sack, and then the thread is sewn and sold to the surrounding villagers; simple, Primitive, adhere to a simple, simple small business concept. Small farmers, fresh, is an original fresh taste.

  They stand out as well! The ultimate wealthy man produced Wang Yongqing.

With the impact of industrial civilization, the scale of factories often exceeds tens of thousands. Sometimes, dozens or even hundreds of bags of 25-kilogram rice are consumed in a day. The speed of manual packaging can no longer meet the needs of human beings. The stationing of schools and the military has brought about such business opportunities that consume thousands of kilograms of food daily.

Rice packing scale, Jialong DCS-50A3, referred to as A3, this is the most classic, most cost-effective, ultra-stable electronic quantitative packaging scale, wealthy many such small rice vendors, completed the original accumulation, family life embarked Well-off.