Fully Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine

- Aug 21, 2019-

Gejiu City Dahongyu Food Purchase and Sale Co., Ltd. was formerly known as the old city of Daxie Grain Management Institute. After more than 60 years of development, it has become an independent accounting state-owned grain purchase and sale enterprise integrating grain purchase, warehousing, processing and sales. Over the years, it has been awarded the title of “National Reassuring Grain and Oil Demonstration Enterprise”, “China Good Grain and Oil Demonstration Enterprise” and “Yunnan Famous Brand” and “Yunnan Famous Trademark”.

ZDB-900-Q10含码垛Since the rice processing business began in 2000, Dahongyu has been the grain hub of the old city. In order to enlarge and strengthen the grain industry, in 2009, Dahongyu invested 110 million yuan to build a new key project for the industrialization of grain and oil circulation in Gejiu City. Now it has four domestic advanced rice production lines, 400 tons of refined rice per day, and 20 cereals per year. 10,000 tons; one production line of 50 tons of cereals per day; one production line of 30 tons of noodles per day, becoming the largest polished rice processing base in Yunnan Province. At the beginning of 2019, the rice packaging workshop was completely upgraded and upgraded, and the first batch of packaging intelligent and unmanned production was realized in the southwest region!


A problem that has long plagued the industry is that the traditional uncoated woven bag and the subsequent palletizing process are labor intensive, resulting in a rising cost of labor; a new generation of ZDB-600-Q9 woven bag automatic packaging unit takes you Thoroughly bid farewell to the shoulders, the unit will be widely used in feed, seeds, soybean meal, rapeseed, rice, chemical and other industries.