Coarse Cereals Packing

- Feb 01, 2018-

Today, as consumers begin to pay attention to a reasonable diet, the pursuit of health care, cereals changed from the past not trivial, but also disguised. In Beijing, many supermarkets in the city, often see the sale of miscellaneous grains or waffles counter, the sales of grains varied in shape and taste varied, and some on a sale, and some according to jin, said the price of each One yuan to five dollars vary.

According to the introduction of miscellaneous grains made by General Manager Lee at Hualian Supermarket in Guang'anmen Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, the miscellaneous grains made according to the traditional techniques are not sold well in the United States. Their taste is rough and they are hard to be used by those who eat fine grains. To this end, he miscellaneous grains food taste, shape mind, change the mix of various materials with the ratio, make piglets, roses and other different shapes, "children are looking greedy."


The sweet potato made into bread, buckwheat mix into a jelly, oat polenta, miscellaneous grains make a difference, the seller tried various ways to the grains of food into the mouth of ordinary people. In the processing of grains, some companies came to the front. For example, grain mill health cereal flour, Yan Fang Square nutrition diet and the VV Group launched the red beans soy milk, grain moving oats and other cereal drinks.

Processing of cereals advancing with the times, giving consumers more choice. "However, good grains, does not mean that we should take the staple food to eat miscellaneous grains, the correct method of eating should be taken into account age and health, a reasonable control of food intake, and corn, rice with each other, the thickness of the combination in order to be real Nutritional balance. "Ma Guan Sheng said.


Packing is also more and more important today. Jialong coarse cereals packing machine help the grain company pack the coarse cereals in a beautiful cube shape. Jialong packing machine is become a "must have" machine for a grain company.