Classification Of Vacuum Packaging Machines

- Nov 08, 2017-

1, Food vacuum packaging machine. Such vacuum packaging machine in the vacuum packaging before the temperature should have some control, the equipment with cooling system, so the preservation of a higher demand.

2, medical vacuum packaging machine. This type of vacuum packaging machine should have a long time to keep the product vacuum suction form; As the medical vacuum packaging machine should be in the dust-free workshop, such as higher requirements of the use of the place, so this type of vacuum packaging machine can also be applied to aseptic food packaging, in order to achieve good results.

3, electronic products vacuum packaging machine. Electronic products using vacuum packaging machine can play a part of the internal metal processing of moisture-proof, oxidation-resistant color effect.

4, Tea vacuum packaging machine. This is a set weighing, packaging, packaging in one machine. The birth of tea vacuum packaging machine marks a big step in the domestic tea packaging level, the true realization of the standardization of tea packaging.