How To Check The Vacuum Degree Of The Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Oct 12, 2018-

When users of the food packaging industry purchase vacuum packaging machines, the vacuum requirements of the vacuum packaging machine are still relatively high, because when the vacuum packaging machine vacuums the packaging machine, the vacuum can not reach a certain degree of vacuum, the food inside If the air is not cleaned, it will cause the food to deteriorate in advance. Is there any way to check the vacuum of the automatic vacuum packaging machine?

1. Put the water (cool water) into the vacuum bag and take a vacuum. Detect the bubbles inside for about 35 seconds. If the bubble is smaller than the rice grain, the pass is not acceptable.

2. The vacuum packaging machine works until the vacuum gauge is turned off to -0.1 to see if the vacuum gauge is leaking.

3. The vacuum pump oil of the food vacuum packaging machine should be replaced in time (about once every month). If it cannot be replaced in time, it will affect the vacuum pump, which will affect the vacuum.

The above is the method of detecting the vacuum degree of the vacuum packaging machine introduced by Xiaobian. The vacuum packaging machine has a vacuum gauge. Usually we only need to look at the watch. There is also the need to maintain and maintain the equipment in normal use, do not wait for the equipment to have problems before they are anxious, sometimes found late may have irreversible results, so usually have to check more.