Performance Characteristics Of Feed Automatic Packaging Machine

- Jun 19, 2018-


For each feed processing plant, the feed automatic packaging machine is one of the indispensable equipments in the feed machinery equipment.

Feed automatic packaging machine has the following characteristics:

1. The display of the digital display on the machine is simple and intuitive, and the display can change its working state at will, and the operation is simple and most people can use it.

2. The model has a long service life, high calculation accuracy, high speed, extremely stable, and automatic metering, but requires manual bagging.

3, feed automatic packaging machine will not be constrained by the packaging container, for the case of frequently changing the packaging specifications or materials to be packaged, the general model is used.

4, feed automatic packaging machine is to use electronic scales to weigh the material, so you can avoid the measurement error caused by the change in the proportion of the material.

5, if the material is easy to generate dust, you can be equipped with our company's HFYMC Series Pulse Dust Collector, which can be used to connect the bag mouth. The dust removal effect of this model is excellent. The use of this model can avoid the dust pollution to the workshop.

6, feed automatic packaging machine is widely used in packaging such as feed, wheat, rice, corn, urea and other fluidity of the powdery material.