What Are The Characteristics Of The Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine?

- Aug 23, 2018-


1. The whole automatic vacuum packaging machine adopts hard aluminum alloy and stainless steel material to improve the corrosion resistance of the equipment;

2, the use of combined mold, easy to replace, a multi-purpose machine, the mold has a water cooling function;

3. SMC pneumatic components with stable performance and long service life;

4. Select brand vacuum pump with high ultimate vacuum and excellent performance;

5. Select servo motor with reliable performance and convenient operation, PLC and touch screen and Schneider Electric control;

6, using photoelectric tracking, optional color cover film or light film for packaging, reduce costs and improve product quality;

7, can be equipped with automatic coding system as needed;

8, using special stainless steel clamping chain, suitable for various thickness of soft film, hard film stretch forming, special packaging;

9. It adopts advanced cross-cutting and slitting system, which is easy to replace and operate. It is equipped with a corner scrap recycling system to maintain environmental sanitation;

10. You can choose square box, round box or other shaped box. The size of the box can be customized according to the customer's product.