Bag-Type Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Nov 08, 2017-

Snack food such as chicken claw, duck claw, duck neck, beans dry, small fish, fish and other types of cooked food can only be used in vacuum packaging, high-temperature sterilization to put into the market. This kind of product vacuum packing all uses the artificial loading, vacuum chamber pumping vacuum, each operation process is intermittent, in each process easily caused by the finished product pollution or human, cross infection, low efficiency, labor, comprehensive cost problems, especially in recent years, the general tension of human resources, thus restricting the development of the industry, Cause the small food industry to develop slowly.

The bag-type automatic vacuum packing machine is specially used for snack food such as chicken claw, duck claw, duck neck, bean stem, small fish, fish, such as various types of cooked food products for continuous automated vacuum packaging equipment, can automatically realize the bag, the bag, the code, support bags, drum bags, feeding, metering, filling, vacuum, sealing, Delivery, etc. until the full automatic production of finished products, significantly improve production efficiency.