Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine Correct Operation Method

- Jul 10, 2018-


The automatic vacuum packaging machine is mainly said that the vacuum chamber of the vacuum packaging machine is automatically oscillated. This is mainly for the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine or the continuous vacuum packaging machine. Generally, if the customer does not explain it, the general The double chamber vacuum packaging machine will be determined according to the manual pendulum cover. Today, Jialong will briefly introduce the operating procedures of the automatic vacuum packaging machine. Everyone can remember!

1. Adjust the pumping time relay according to the vacuum requirement. However, in order to ensure the quality of the seal, the degree of vacuum must be not less than -0.06 Mbra, otherwise the quality of the seal is not guaranteed and the electric heating belt will be burned out.

2. Adjust the heat sealing relay according to the packaging material to control the heating time, which is generally set at 1.5-2 seconds.

3. Adjust the cooling time relay according to the sealing quality and packaging materials to achieve the best sealing effect. (The above three items are adjusted by professionals and used by operators.)

4. Put the required packaged product into a plastic bag and place it in the sealing position. After the packaging bag is placed, the bead (stainless steel strip) on the base of the heating strip must be pressed. Turn on the power switch, work on the vacuum pump, and vacuum the packaged items.

5. Then, the plastic bag is sealed by heating and pressing at the same time, then the vacuum chamber is cooled back to the air, and the cover of the studio rises to the other side. The studio cover fell. Complete a seal.

6. Turn off the power switch immediately after the equipment stops working, so as to prevent the solenoid valve from being burned for a long time.

7. The power must be turned off during any maintenance on the pump, and no accidents can occur.

8. The oil level must be checked regularly. If the oil level is below the highest mark of the oil window, it should be refueled to the highest mark.

9. The packaging machine should always be in the up position during work or handling. It is not allowed to be placed obliquely. It is strictly prohibited to collide or impact, especially instruments and switches.

10. The working room should be kept clean, especially under the heat sealing strip and the top of the silicone strip, and no foreign matter should be adhered to avoid affecting the sealing quality and service life.

11. In fact, for the automatic vacuum packaging machine, after the purchase, there is a suitable safety operation procedure that can be read and referenced, strictly in accordance with the specifications.