​Advantage Analysis Of Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Sep 11, 2018-

The advantages of food vacuum packaging machines are very obvious and are indispensable packaging equipment. The main function of the food vacuum packaging machine is to remove oxygen to prolong the time of food deterioration. The principle is not complicated and very simple.

 Because only the oxygen is removed, the microorganisms are difficult to survive, and the deterioration of the food is caused by the microbes. If the microorganisms cannot survive, then the problem can be solved, and most microorganisms cannot survive without oxygen, and vacuum packaging The machine is to grasp this principle, and all the air in the bag can be removed, so that the microorganisms can lose their living environment. In addition to vacuum packaging machines, it is possible to prevent the oxidation of foods in vacuum packaging, because there are many unsaturated fatty acids in the oily foods, and if they encounter oxygen, they will oxidize, which will deteriorate the food and deteriorate the taste. At the same time, the vacuum-packed food can also play the role of pressure resistance and insurance, and can make the food maintain the original color, fragrance, taste, shape and the like in a long-term and effective manner, and has the original business value.

 Product packaging of different materials and shapes should be paid attention to when purchasing. For example, if customers want to package relatively dry and corrosive materials such as solids, they can choose aluminum alloy materials; while materials with soup and salt and high acid content can be made of stainless steel or aluminum-magnesium alloy. The sealing ring is generally made of silicone rubber and black rubber. A few low-grade products use foam rubber. The silicone rubber has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing performance and long service life. The foam rubber has poor sealing performance, easy to fall off and short service life.

 In the process of using the vacuum sealing machine, various kinds of food, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, chilled meat, medical products, hardware components, medical devices, etc. are vacuumed, inflated, and body-fitted. However, in essence, there are still very big differences with the above two devices.

 The vacuum sealer is mainly to isolate all connections between the product and the outside world. The food vacuum packaging machine, in the middle of the actual application, is mainly used in the form of microorganisms to prevent food oxidation.