A Machine And Digital Dominated Carnival

- Jan 14, 2019-

“Jialong Black Technology” has already been popularized in the industry. “Nobody” is just one of the characteristics of Jialong Packaging Automation. “Intelligence” is the core competitiveness of Jialong, and it not only strives for “fast” speed, but also Can control the stability of the device firmly, as long as you have used Jialong equipment, basically addicted! Successive ordering has become the norm in the industry.


The automatic packaging production line developed by Jialong can double the traditional manual operation efficiency, which not only saves the operation time, but also greatly reduces the labor cost and the risk of manual injury.

Jialong Technology will unveil the veil of “10 Series Lentils Packing Machine”.

◆Time production 900 bags woven bag automatic packaging machine "Q10"

◆ 1300 bags of ultra-high cost performance high-speed scale "H10"

◆ There are still problems in the second bagging of the bosses who have troubled the company. Please give them to Jialong “D10”.