Factory Sale Rice Packing Machine

Factory Sale Rice Packing Machine

This is a double weighing hopper rice packing machine. It's also suitable for weighing, packaging, bag-closing and conveying other granular materials like beans, peanuts etc. The packing speed for packages 5-25kg is 600-900 bags/hour. For packages 25-50kg, the packing speed is 300-400 bags/hour.
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Product Details

1. Product Introduction of Factory Sale Rice Packing Machine:

This high speed double weighing hopper rice packing machine is desinged for weighing, packaging and sewing of granular materials such as rice, seeds, peanuts kernel,red beans,corns and other grains.

Product Parameter of Factory Sale Rice Packing Machine:

Product Name

Factory Sale Rice Packing Machine




600-900 bags

Power Supply

4N-AC 380V 50Hz

Air Supply


Feeding type

Double Weighing Hopper

2. Product Features and Functions of Factory Sale Rice Packing Machine:

(1) Auto Weighing, auto Filling, need one woker to giving bags and lead the bags for sewing

(2) Easy installation for this Factory Sale Rice Packing Machine.

(3) Handweel control conveyor, easy to adust the height .

(4) Stainless steel material is used for contact parts with materials, it has long service life;

(5) High measurement accuracy, stable performance, easy operation

(6) Imported control instruments, sensors, pneumatic actuators

(7) Automatic error correction, super-check alarm, fault self-diagnosis function

(8) Reserve RS232/485 interface for data communication with peripheral management systems

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4. Packing & Delivery

Packing Details: Polywood Box Packing

Delivery Details: 15-20 days after received the deposit

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